Country Area Traction types Pics taken Tour operator
Austria 1   Electric/diesel 1995-2005 private
Austria 2 33132, 6381301, 6572770 and Steyrtal Steam S/NG 2004/2005 v. Sten
Austria 3 Ybbstalbahn Diesel 2004 private
Austria 4 Waldviertel and Oetscherland Steam NG may 2006 Stettner
Austria 5 Steyrtalbahn in Black&White Steam jan 2012 Stettner
Belgium   All 2004 private
France Chaumont - Mulhouse electric june 2006 private
France Marseille diesel/electric march 2007 private
Germany 1 Northern Germany Diesel/steam july 2005 private
Germany 2 Special workings 118/65 Diesel/steam jan-feb 2005 various
Germany 3 HSB Steam 2004 private
Germany 4 Mosel Electric 2003 private
Germany 5 Rhine Electric 2003 private
Germany 6   Diesel/steam 2003 private
Germany 7 Plandampf around Eisenach Steam 2006 LoRi
Germany 8 Mosel and Eifelquerbahn Electric june 2006 private
Germany 9 Bad Muskau in black and white Steam oct 2006 FarRail
Germany 10 Bad Muskau in autumn colours Steam oct 2006 FarRail
Germany 11 Pressnitztalbahn, Döllnitzbahn, Radebeul Steam dec 2007 private
Germany 12 Wuppertal - Schwebebahn Electric feb 2011 private
Germany 13 Pressnitztalbahn, Fichtelbergbahn Steam May 2011 private
Greece 1 Standardgauge Diesel/electric 2000-2001 Schöller
Greece 2 Narrowgauge Diesel 2000-2001 Schöller
Italy Sicily Electric/diesel 2005 private
Luxembourg Luxembourg town Electric 2010 private
Netherlands 1   Electric/diesel 1998-2003 private
Netherlands 2 "Hondekoppen" Electric 1994-2003 private
Netherlands 3 RTM (preserved steam and diesel trams) Steam/diesel 1997-2004 private
Netherlands 4 Sunsets and sunrise over the Netherlands Electric/diesel 2005-2006 private
Portugal   Electric/diesel 2000-2001 private
Spain Mallorca Electric/diesel feb 2007 private
Switzerland 1 BLS Electric 1996-2002 private
Switzerland 2 Narrowgauge Electric 1996-2004 private
Switzerland 3 RhB Electric 2010 private
United Kingdom Bluebell Railway Steam feb 2008 private
United Kingdom 2 Great Central Railway Steam/diesel april 2008 private
United Kingdom 3 Keighly & Worth Valley Railway Steam/diesel juli 2008 private
United Kingdom 4 North Yorkshire Moors Railway Steam juli 2008 private
United Kingdom 5 Bluebell Railway Southern at war Steam may 2011 private
United Kingdom 6 Forth rail bridge Diesel nov 2011 private
United Kingdom 7 East Lancashire Railway in Black&White Steam jan 2012 private
United Kingdom 8 Llangollen Steam april 2012 private
United Kingdom 9 Swanage Steam/diesel may 2012 private
United Kingdom 10 Bluebell Railway 2 Steam nov 2012 Bower
Railway Photography - Index Page

Site and pictures by Ian Lawrence
Who is this site intended for?

If you like to see pictures of trains in nice landscapes, at typical stations or other general action shots please take a look. If you're looking for lists of engines or locomotive only portraits this isn't the site for you.
The purpose of this site

I always use the internet to find interesting countries, areas and lines and prepare for holidays and tours. Sites with good pictures showing the photographic possibilities are rare and hard to find, but are always worthwhile looking for. I've visited places I wouldn't have dreamt going to, after finding suitable websites. The primary objective of this site (besides showing off of course), is to make some of my photos available on the internet so others can profit from my journeys. As my time is limited, I generate these pages automatically, which means I can't add much extra information to the pictures. If you can't find a specific location on a map you can always ask me. If you like what you see or have any remarks please don't hesitate to send me a mail. Mail can be sent in english, dutch or german.
Organised tours
Many of my best photos were taken on organised photographic tours. Often I'm asked to recommend a specific operator. I've used various tour operators, but have found FarRail tours to be one of the best. The tours are planned for the serious photographer. The tourleader is a great photographer himself, which means you don't miss any photo opportunities. Have a look at upcoming tours:
If you have any questions about this operator or any other tour operator I've used just send me a mail.

Pictures before November 2005 were taken with a Canon EOS33 or Canon EOS600 SLR camera with various lenses using negative film. The more recent pictures were scanned from negative by the photoshop. The older pictures where scanned from prints at home.
Pictures taken between November 2005 and January 2008 were taken with a Canon EOS 10D DSLR. Newer picture were taken using a Canon EOS 30D DSLR.
Lenses currently used: Canon 15-85/3.5-5.6 IS, Canon 70-200/L4 and Canon 70-300/4-5.6 IS
I also use a Fujifilm X10 when I want to travel light.

Photographs and reports
The following table shows all at present available pages (green are recent additions)


The equipment used

No photos from this site may be used in any form without prior permission.
Country Area Traction types Pics taken Tour operator
Canada Ontario Diesel 2002 private
Cuba Hershey, Ecuador, Rene Frage, Fiat, Budd, Brill All march 2006 FarRail
Country Area Traction types Pics taken Tour operator
China 1 Pingdingshan, Handan, Tongchuan, Jilantai,Zhungeer, JiTong, Changzhi, Xunhua Steam april 2003 FarRail
China narrowgauge Dahuichang, Xingyang Steam april/dec 2003 FR/GS
Autumn in China 1 JalaiNur, Huanan, Meihekou, Nanpiao, JiTong Steam sept/okt 2004 FarRail
  Tour report Autumn in China 2004      
Winter in China JaliaNur, Huanan, Meihekou, Xinlongzhen, Benxi, Jixi Steam/diesel dec 2004 GS
Autumn in China 2 JiTong Steam/diesel sept/oct 2005 FarRail
China JalaiNur, Nanpiao, Fuxin, Baotou Steam sept/oct 2008 FarRail
China Shibanxi, Xingyang Steam may 2009 FarRail
China Dalian trams in Black&White Electric may 2010 private
China Jixi Steam march 2010 private
China Diaobingshan Steam march 2010 private
China Fuxin Steam march 2011 private
India 1 Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Steam nov 2006 Ashok
India 2 Broadgauge and Metregauge Steam nov 2006 Ashok
Japan 1 Shinkansen Electric march 2008 private
Japan 2 Tokyo-Toyama-Osaka-Hiroshima Electric/diesel march 2008 private
Japan 3 Trams Electric oct 2011 private
Japan 4 Railways E/S/D oct 2011 private
Nepal Nepal Railway Steam/diesel nov 2006 Ashok
Hong Kong Hong Kong Trams in Black&White Electric march 2009 private
Country Area Traction types Pics taken Tour operator
Eritrea   Steam oct 2008 EnthHol
Hedjaz Syria and Jordan Steam/diesel 2004 Stettner
Hedjaz Syria and Jordan Steam/railcar oct 2007 FarRail
Marocco   Diesel/electric 2002 TSP
South Africa The Three Provinces Tour 2007 Steam may/jun 2007 SLST
South Africa 2 Sandstone Estates Steam may 2008 GT
South Africa 3 Creighton Steam may 2008 GT
South Africa 4 Apple Express Diesel may 2008 GT
South Africa 5 Paton Country Express Steam may 2008 GT
Tunisia   Diesel/electric 2001 private
Zimbabwe   Diesel/electric 2005 FarRail
Country Area Traction types Pics taken Tour operator
Romania Viseu de Sus Steam/diesel oct 2006 FarRail
Romania Winter at Viseu de Sus Steam/diesel feb/ma 2007 FarRail
Ukraine   Diesel/electric 2003 TSP
Ukraine Winter in the Carpathian mountains, SU, Er, Em, L Steam/diesel feb 2007 FarRail
Czech Republic OBB310.23 and U37002 Steam/diesel 2004-2005 v. Sten
Czech Republic 2 464.202, 354.7152 and 354.195 Steam april 2006 v. Sten
Czech Republic 3 Olomouc, Decin Diesel/electric 2006 private
Poland Wolsztyn Steam/diesel 2005 private
Poland2 Wolsztyn in black and white (and a little colour) Steam oct 2006 private
Country Area Traction types Pics taken Tour operator
Theme 1 Playing with Light All 2003-2005 various
Theme 2 Black nights in black and white Steam/diesel 2003-2006 various

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Article 4 Huanan -Two days out in the country   April 2006  
Article 5 Shooting trains in low light situations   May 2006  
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